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Body Piercing Kits Reviewed

12 22nd, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

There are many sellers hawking kits online, with varying prices and quality.  You can find home piercing kits sold on ebay, amazon and other online retailers, as well as stand-alone companies that specialize in body art supplies.

Whether you have decided to purchase a body piercing kit for yourself or your spouse, or if you are a professional body piercer, there is one company that we have found that stands above the rest for quality and price – you can check their body piercing kits by clicking on the link provided.  They also offer True Free Shipping, which means there is no small print or order minimums to get what you buy shipped to you free – it is what it is – FREE!  It’s nice to know that there are some things in life that aren’t too good to be true!

Tattoos Too: Is doing side-work stealing?

12 15th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Ever since the first tattoo shop was opened there has been the issue of what ‘side-work’ is, and isn’t.  The question (or problem) is this: where is the line between what is allowable when it comes to shop artists having dealings with shop customers outside the shop (or on the ‘side’)?  Unlike body-piercing that is relatively simple (where a customer can purchase a body piercing kit online), tattoos are more complex.  Many shops are aware that price-conscious customers will frequently ask an artist if they do work outside the shop, hoping for a lower price (which bypasses the shop’s cut – the very shop the met in).  Most shops view artists that do work on its’ customers outside the shop (unbeknownst to the shop owner) as stealing and grounds for termination.  While many tattooists may disagree, the fact is that if the shop had not existed (and worked hard for their good reputation and invested the hard work, time and money establishing itself in the public’s awareness) such a meeting could not have happened.  Every customer that sets foot into a shop is considered part of the shop’s assets, and as with anything else inside that shop that can be taken out of it, taking a shop’s customer and doing side-work is stealing.  Of course there can be arrangements or exceptions made by the shop owner to allow for jobs that run past operating hours, or if a customer wants work on days the shop is closed, etc.  To avoid any misunderstandings, any such arrangements need to be made BEFORE they happen, where the owner of the shop authorizes it.  Otherwise, it will undoubtedly be seen as customer stealing and grounds for firing.

If you aren’t sure of the policy your shop has regarding what is allowed or not, ask.  Usually, such rules are discussed in an initial interview with your boss, or mentioned the first day and you may have forgotten.  In this day and age of tough economic times, it’s better to be sure when it comes to these things.  As always, we welcome your questions and comments at the!

Cool or Fool? Lip Tattoos

12 9th, 2011 Author: Pokee

New Symbol For Raider Pride?

Hello sports-fans and fanaticals, it’s Pokee, and I’m back to bring you this little shard of curiosity.  Now as a card-carrying member of the heterosexual male race, and a sporting fan to boot, I try to keep an open-mind about things I see going on around me.  I mean if a guy like Dennis Rodman wants to put on a little make up for a night out, or wear a dress around the house while he smokes a cigar watching re-runs of Friends, that’s his monkey-business, and he’s entitled to a little strangeness after being arguably one of the most ferocious defensive players to ever play in the NBA.

But when it comes to a guy who claims to be a member of Raider Nation showing off a Hello Kitty tattoo on the inside of his mouth, I have to draw the line.  Are you kidding me? Not only is this a bad place to get a tattoo (was he trying to impress his dentist?), but doing this could be hazardous to this guy’s health – especially if he opens his mouth at a home game.  If you don’t already know, Raider fans are the craziest and most violent fans anywhere, and they take their team very seriously and tend to frown on things that are feminine and unusual.  This guy’s chances of surviving his next Raider game are worse than if you or I decided to take a bath in gasoline and then set ourselves on fire as we slid down a 300 foot razor blade!  Seriously, have you SEEN the creatures at Raider games?  It’s so bad, they call it ‘The Black Hole’ and inside those stands it is common to find rabid pit bulls, animal carcasses, skeletons with swords, and swash-buckling two-headed Darth Vaders packing M16’s.  This is enough to make Al Davis turn in his grave!  This guy either has a death-wish, or was talked into doing this by his girlfriend.  Come on man, have some self-respect.  Now that you’ve done this what’s next – getting a body piercing kit and letting her use it to turn Mr. Tadpole into a mini hoop-steel christmas tree?  My advice to you is the next time your lady comes up with some bright idea like this, grow a pair and say no.  Oh, and if I were you I would not go to any more Raider games, unless your idea of fun is becoming the first person to be killed during a live sporting event for utter stupidity.

You know the drill.  Cast your vote and be heard; Is this guy Cool or Fool?

That’s all I got for now,


Is This Pokee?

Where To Buy The Best Body Piercing Supplies

12 6th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Body art and quality body piercing supplies are not something easily found in retail stores – it’s not like you can just go to a Walmart for hollow piercing needles.  Although many of the piercing tools and equipment used in body art are borrowed from the medical field, some items are quite specific in their origination and use.

If you have done a search for body piercing supplies you know there are many sources that come up.  The question is: Who can you trust?  The answer, we found is that it is best to purchase your supplies from companies that are dedicated solely to body piercing supplies and who have established themselves within the industry for their quality and value.  We found a leading supplier of body piercing supplies that offers true free shipping and no order minimums.  If you have any other questions or comments feel free to write us at the

Want To Start Body Piercing as a Career?

12 4th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Many people are finding it harder and harder to land decent jobs that pay enough to live comfortably.  Those that find themselves employed are probably expected to do more than ever, with less benefits and pay.

One of the few industries that has boomed the past few years is body art; body piercers can easily make over $100.00 per hour, and do not have to work out of a tattoo shop to be successful.  We found a company that specializes in producing starter body piercing kits that include everything needed to get started in a new career as a body piercer for under $200.00!