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Are you too old to get pierced?

10 27th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

As more and more of the population embrace body piercings, the question of what, where and when to get pierced becomes a consideration.  If you are a baby-boomer who has been on the sidelines a bit regarding body art (tattoos and body piercings), you may be wondering if there is an age ‘limit’ on such things as tattoos and piercings.

Such a question is really subjective, and a matter of personal expression.  If you are looking to project a wild-side to your personality, a tattoo or body piercing might go well with that new Harley Davidson motorcycle you just purchased.  However, if you are still in the career world and are concerned with image, you might want to hold off on that septum piercing for now and settle for a nose piercing or monroe.  Or, you can elect to get some ‘intimate’ body piercings where no one will ever see them (except for your significant other).  Remember, whether you take the plunge and order that body piercing kit online (for home/self piercing) or go to your local body art shop, body piercings (unlike tattoos) are reversible, so if you change your mind you can just take the jewelry out (except for micro-dermal implants, which are not considered body piercings, since they do not have and entry and exit point).

Should You Buy Body Piercing Supplies Online?

10 21st, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

If you are having a difficult time trying to decide where to buy body jewelry or body art supplies, you are not alone.  Piercing supplies are a very specific category of items that isn’t usually carried in mainstream outlets.  While you can find just about anything else at your local Walmart, finding hollow body piercing needles or receiving tubes can be difficult and frustrating.

Although there are some sellers of body piercing supplies on the web, the quality and respectability of such dealers varies.  Some web sites are just sites, with no retail walk-in store support.  These sites could be operated by questionable individuals with little or no experience or credentials for the equipment they are selling.  The best site for purchasing any sterile body jewelry or body piercing supplies is here (body piercing supplies) – this site is run by a company that has both online and retail presence and experienced body piercers over-seeing all aspects of the operation.  Good luck, and remember, we always welcome your questions and comments here at the

Body Piercing Kits: Are They Worth It?

10 13th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

The reasons why people choose to use body piercing kits are varied; some do it out of personal modesty issues (when the piercing is in an area they are uncomfortable having strangers touching), or they can be financial (since it can be much less expensive doing a piercing at home with a kit than at a salon).

Whatever your reason for using a body piercing kit is, make sure that you purchase one that is safe, sterile and offered by a company that knows about piercing.  We found numerous sellers of body piercing kits, but very few of them qualified to offer such items.  Unfortunately, over 90% of the body piercing kits we found online did NOT include sterile body jewelry, which is tantamount to paying for an infection!  For safe, sterile and reasonably-priced body piercing kits click on the link.

Are you a compulsive body piercer?

10 7th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Like many other things, body piercing can become a compulsion and carried to an extreme.  While most people do not have this problem, other individuals that may be more prone to such things can become obsessed with getting pierced to the point where it can be dangerous.  Body art (tattoos included) enthusiasts may start out with a single piercing or tattoo, only to find themselves wanting more within a short period of time.  This desire is normal, and for most does not become an issue.  However, if someone begins having piercings or tattoos performed for no other reason than to get it done, something may be wrong.

No matter what your reasoning, make sure you get your body piercings from a professional that uses sterile body piercing supplies and has all required certifications and permits to pierce legally in the county he/she operates in.  If such credentials are not readily visible, or you have any doubt that your piercer or tattoo artist may not have such credentials, it is your duty to speak up and ask to see them, that way you will know exactly what you are dealing with.  Good luck!

Body Piercing Kits: Are They Safe?

10 6th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Many people are looking to get a body piercing, but are not entirely comfortable with the idea of going to a tattoo shop to get it done, or are unwilling to pay the price for a professional body piercing.  Although most body piercings should be performed by a professional body piercer, there are many individuals that are choosing to pierce themselves and purchase body piercing kits online.

There are primarily two major differences between body piercing kits sold online; they either include forceps (or not, in which case they are considered ‘free-hand’ kits), or they include sterile body jewelry (or not, which if not sterilized, can cause major infections).  Make sure the body piercing kit you purchase includes sterile body jewelry and the proper skin preparation materials.  We found the best body piercing kits anywhere include sterile body jewelry and streaming how-to videos, as long as printable aftercare instructions.  Click on the link to see these safe and complete body piercing kits.