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Body Piercing Supplies Part VII (how-to instructions)

06 26th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Each year in the United States, thousands of body piercing kits are sold.  These kits are purchased from online auction sites such as ebay and, ranging in size, price and quality.  Other companies, that specialize in tattoo and body art supplies, offer kits as well with some of these kits (known as starter kits) containing enough materials to do several hundred body piercings.

Besides including sterile piercing needles, sterile tools, and sterile body jewelry, a body piercing kit should always include easy to follow instructions either in written form or streaming videos.  Even if you are an experienced piercer, you should always have this information available to you – not just for the success of the procedure, but for safety reasons as well.  Make sure the body piercing kit you purchase is from a reputable company and that it includes sterile components and how-to information.

Who Should Use A Body Piercing Kit?

06 19th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Many people that have never received a body piercing before would not think of using a body piercing kit.  Although if possible, it is always recommended to seek the services of a licensed body piercer, using a body piercing kit can be the solution to a few problematic situations.  For instance, if you cannot afford the high cost of a salon piercing, or the area you want pierced is a private area (and you don’t want a stranger to do it), purchasing a body piercing kit can become an option.

The question is not only whom should pierce you (friends with piercing experience, spouses or relatives are usually best choices), but what body piercing kit should you choose for the procedure?  There a many body piercing kits offered by sellers on sites like ebay, or other auction sites that vary widely on price, quality and contents.  You can either wade through the hundreds of offerings to find the right kit, or go to a respected leading company specializing in body piercing kits and body jewelry (by clicking on the link shown).  No matter what you choice of kits, make sure you purchase a body piercing kit that includes sterile body jewelry, and make sure your kit gives you proper how-to instructions (ideally videos) and proper aftercare instructions.

Body Piercing Supplies: Body Art or Medical Origin?

06 18th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Many of the types of tools and materials used in body piercing are tools that were originally invented for medical purposes to aid doctors during surgical procedures.  One of the most common types of forceps used in body piercing is called a ‘sponge forceps’ which was designed as a surgical instrument used to grab and hold small sponges used during surgeries.

Catheter-type needles were also developed in the medical field and borrowed by body art for piercing use.  Of course, other types of body piercing supplies that share use with doctors and nurses are surgical exam gloves, alcohol and benzalkonium chloride skin prep pads and towelettes, lubricating jelly and autoclaves, used to sterilize tools, body jewelry and needles.  For more information on how to purchase body piercing supplies, click on the link provided.

Not all body piercing kits are created equal.  In fact, they are not even close.  We took an in-depth look at several companies that offer body piercing kits and supplies and found some startling differences.  The first thing we noted was the amount of companies offering piercing kits that have no experience in body piercing whatsoever.  Such companies are primarily found on ebay or other websites that also sell power tools, clothing, etc.  These sellers thing that they can throw a few things into a bag and call it a piercing kit.  Some kits are actually ear piercing kits with a few piercing needles thrown in.  These are not piercing kits at all, and can be very dangerous to use since they incomplete and are unsterile.

A true body piercing kit offers not only a  sterile needle, sterile tools and skin preparation, but most importantly (and rarely included) is STERILE BODY JEWELRY.  Over 95% of body piercing kits we found for sale did NOT include sterile body jewelry, except for this respected company’s body piercing kits (please click link).  The sad truth is, that even large companies that offer hundreds of types of body art supplies are selling dirty kits, risking you and your clients to potential infection, injury or even death.  Make sure you buy your body art supplies from a company that cares enough to protect you and your clients!

Body Piercing Kits: Are They Really Safe?

06 8th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Sterile Body Jewelry

Contrary to some opinions, using a body piercing kit can be a safe and economical alternative to going to an expensive tattoo shop for a body piercing.  Although it is always recommended to go to a professional piercer when possible, a growing number of devotees are taking matters into their own hands and buying body piercing kits.

The main thing to keep in mind when choosing a body piercing kit is to find a kit that is offered by a company that is in the body art business, who offers their kits with sterile body jewelry.  Over 98% of body piercing kits offered on ebay and by online websites do NOT include sterilized pouched body jewelry.  Make sure your body piercing kit includes STERILE BODY JEWERLY in it, or else you will risk an infection, injury or worse.  Why risk that when you can find sterile body piercing kits here?  Don’t gamble with your client’s (or your own) life, make the smart choice.

Where To Find the Right Body Piercing Kit

06 7th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

If you intend to either self pierce, or you have a friend who is going to pierce you, you will need to find a quality body piercing kit to perform the procedure.  Body piercing kits are primarily sold online, through either auctions sites or dedicated web sites of companies that sell tattoo and piercing supplies.

The important things to keep in mind when purchasing a body piercing kit is to get one that has the right types of jewelry, needles and tools included for the piercing you want.  Even more important than that, make sure the body piercing kit is sterile, meaning it includes sterile needles, tools, skin prep AND sterile body jewelry.  Only a very few body piercing kits include sterile body jewelry (that has been sterilized and pouched for use), so be careful not to be ‘fooled’ by kits that claim to be safe that are not.  If you are not sure the body piercing kit you are purchasing includes STERILE BODY JEWERLY, ask the seller.  For an entire line of quality and customizable sterile body piercing kits, click on the link.

Body Piercing Supplies Part VI (receiving cork)

06 4th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

In body piercing, besides requiring the correct gauge of needle, body jewelry, and skin prep, you may also need to use a receiving cork.  The cork is mainly a safety device used by piercers to keep the sharp end of the needle from poking the client after it has passed through the skin.  Whenever the body piercing is in an area where the protruding end of the needle can cause injury or discomfort, it is best to put a cork onto it so it will not poke or accidentally pierce surrounding areas of tissue.

There are two-types of piercing corks available: rubber (resembling stoppers for test-tubes) and ones made of actual cork.  If you are autoclaving the corks prior to piercing, you should always use the rubber types, since they are not as porous as the cork ones and will not retain moisture or bacteria.  You can purchase either types of corks from this respected seller of body piercing supplies online.