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Who Are The Best Body Piercers?

04 30th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Before ten years ago, most body piercings were performed by tattoo artists.  This was due to the fact that up until then, body piercing was not nearly as popular as it is today.  Back then, there was no such thing as a body piercing specialist, nor had the term ‘master body piercer’ been coined.  Piercing was a trade that was passed down by tattoo artists and done out of necessity when things got slow in a shop.  Because piercing requires no artistic ability, tattoo artists look at piercing differently from tattooing – a mundane task that is much less profitable than their true love, tattooing.

The past five or six years has seen an explosion in body piercing.  Piercing has been embraced by everyone of all ages, races, and most religions no longer forbid piercing.  (Ironically, the bible discusses piercings in the Old Testament and how common they were in those times!)  Now people want choices in how (and whom) they are pierced by, and because of this factor a new trade has been born; the dedicated body piercer.  A dedicated body piercer is someone who has devoted themselves to only body piercing and the mastery of that.  They may or may not have background as a tattoo artist, but their appearance may be ‘ordinary’ and unoffensive.  A great number of people that are having their first body piercings done would rather purchase a body piercing kit (and do it themselves) than go into a tattoo shop full of ex-cons that ooze arrogance and attitude.  The proof of this is the explosion of companies now offering home piercing kits.  Most parents would prefer their daughters to get  pierced by someone that looks and acts closer to a mother or father than the typical tattoo artist.  Also, people are becoming aware of the vast differences between body artists that have current permits to pierce from the health department as opposed to renegade body artists that do not.  If you are fortunate enough to have a dedicated master body piercer in your city make sure you support them with your business.  You can still go to the tattoo shop for your tattoos but the best body piercings are always going to be performed by someone who specializes in piercing.

Body Piercing Supplies Part II (The Receiving Tube)

04 29th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

A receiving tube is used for many body piercings that require back-pressure and accuracy.  Many body piercers prefer the use of a receiving tube when doing a nostril piercing (rather than shoving a cork up the client’s nose), as well as when doing many cartilage (ear) and hood piercings (genital).  The proper use of a receiving tube is crucial during these types of body piercings.

You can find quality stainless steel receiving tubes for body piercing from respected suppliers of body piercing supplies.  These tubes are available in plastic, glass or steel.  If you plan to re-use your receiving tube and autoclave it you should consider steel tubes since glass tubes break easily if dropped.  For more information and pricing of quality receiving tubes click on this link from the leading supplier of body piercing supplies.

How Hard Is Body Piercing To Learn?

04 28th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

You may be an avid devotee to piercing, with your navel, nose, eyebrows and tongue already pierced.  You may have even done all of those piercings yourself and have wondered if you have what it takes to become a professional piercer.  Although the idea of becoming a piercer appeals to many, the actual technical and legal requirements are mostly unknown.

To become a competent professional body piercer you must have two things; the right tools and body piercing supplies, and the right training.  Also, once you have fulfilled the first requirements, you will need to become permitted as a body art technician with the health department of the county you will be working in.  You can either apprentice yourself to a piercer (the preferred way) or be self-taught.  Either way you will need to purchase a starter body piercing kit and learn how to pierce competently before going into business for yourself.  You can find quality starter body piercing kits with instructional streaming how-to videos and assistance by clicking on the link provided in this paragraph.

What You Need To Know About Body Piercing Kits

04 26th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

For a novice or apprentice piercer, choosing the right body piercing kit can be difficult and confusing.  Many companies that have no business offering body piercing kits are out there, and if you end up with one of these inferior kits it could cost you (or your client) dearly.  Capitalizing on the home piercing craze, many companies think that throwing the basic items needed for piercing into a bag and selling it online will make their bottom line improve.  What they are really doing selling these dirty (non-sterilized) piercing kits is not only morally wrong, but dangerous to you.

If you are looking for quality body piercing tools, equipment or need a sterile body piercing kit for a single (or multiple) body piercings, make sure the kit you purchase is offered by a company that knows body piercing.  You will know you have found such a company when the body piercing kits include sterile body jewelry.  We found a company that was founded by master body piercers, and publicly posts their sterilization equipment spore test results.  To order a quality and guaranteed sterile body piercing kit from this company, click on the link provided in this sentence.

What is in a Tattoo Kit?

04 25th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

If you are an apprentice tattoo artist (either self-taught or working at a shop), you will eventually need to purchase your own tattooing equipment.  A tattoo kit can accomplish this for you, since a tattoo kit includes a tattoo machine, power supply, clip cord,  and foot pedal, plus other items you might need depending upon the price.

Similar to a starter body piercing kit, a tattoo kit should also include sterile tattoo needles, inks, ink cup holders, some practice skin, transfer paper, rubber bands, nipples and basic hardware.  If you are lucky, your tattoo kit will include instructions or a cd with flash designs you can print from your computer.  Some tattoo kits include streaming how-to videos or other instructional aids.  For quality tattoo kits and supplies click on the link in this article.

Body Piercing Supplies Part I (The Piercing Needle)

04 23rd, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

This is Part I of a series dedicated to informing our readers on the various tools and supplies used in body piercing.   Today’s article is dedicated to the single most important tool a body piercer must have; the  needle.  Body piercing needles are made of stainless steel and bevel cut, meaning they are cut at an angle so that there is a rounded, smooth surface tapering to a razor-sharp tip.  Body piercing needles are also  hollow and should always be sterile before using.

Body piercing needles should never be re-used or recycled, the same as tattoo needles.  This is because that besides being considered a bio-hazard (capable of carrying and transferring diseases such as AIDS, Hepatitis, MSRA and other blood-borne diseases) the needles become dull after use.  Always make sure your body piercer or tattoo artist is using new needles that are pre-sterilized and come out of a package.  Never be afraid to ask questions or voice your concerns regarding body piercing supplies with your body artist, as your very life depends on it.

Using the Right Tools in Body Piercing

04 23rd, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Having the right tools and correct body jewelry is crucial for any body piercing.  Professional body piercers know that not having the correct type of forceps, or correct gauge and type of sterile body jewelry can lead to disasterous results.  As a client, you may not even know if your piercer is using what he or she should be using for your piercing, but there are some things to look for.

First, ask to see everything your piercer is going to use for your piercing before they start.  Most legit body piercers will have no problems showing you not only their credentials but also the sterile condition of the needle, tools, and body jewelry they are going to use.  Secondly, have them explain the process to you so you understand exactly what is going to happen, and make sure they give you comprehensive instructions for aftercare.  If you are self-piercing, make sure you purchase a body piercing kit from a respected supplier, and that the kit includes sterile body jewelry as well as sterile forceps, needles and skin prep materials.

What Is Organic Body Jewelry?

04 22nd, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Organic Ear Plugs

The term ‘organic’ refers to a substance or material that once lived and has been fashioned into body jewelry.  Such materials such as different types of wood and various animal bones can be found transformed into beautiful ear tunnels and plugs.

Many people prefer the properties of organic materials because they can be considerably lighter in weight than stone or metals.  However, keep in mind that organic body jewelry is porous, and more prone to retaining moisture and other oils found in our skin.  Although they can be a bit more maintenance, the inherent beauty of finely crafted organic plugs and ear tunnels makes them worth it.

Is Your Body Piercer or Tattoo Artist Legit?

04 21st, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Knowing if a body art technician (either tattoo artist or body piercer) is competent can be difficult to determine until after the piercing is done.  However, there are a few things to watch for to insure that the body piercer you are entrusting is legit.  The first question you should ask is if the piercer is registered and permitted by the local health department.  If they are, they will have a health department permit posted in plain sight, along with a permit number you can jot down for verification.  If your tattoo artist or piercer gives you the run-around, or says it isn’t with them, they are not registered and you should leave.

Even if your body artist has their health permit, it doesn’t always mean that it’s safe to relax.  Look around the piercing area and ask yourself if it is clean.  Also, all needles, tools and body jewelry should be sterile and in color-changing pouches ready to be used.  If your piercer reaches into a display case and grabs a piece of loose body jewelry to use for your piercing, don’t walk – run out of there!  Remember, a legit body artist will have the proper body piercing supplies and be willing to answer any questions you have.  If they are not willing to answer your questions, or become defensive, something is not right and you should simply leave.  It’s better to be safe (and infection free) than sorry.

How Much Does a Professional Body Piercer Make?

04 20th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Professional Body Piercing Shop

Body piercing is a booming.  It seems that everywhere, people of all walks of life and ages are getting body piercings.  And usually, people that are pierced don’t stop at one body piercing, they have multiple piercings.  The most common piercings are; ears, noses, tongues, navels, lips and eyebrows.  Body piercing is no longer considered a ‘fad’ or ‘fringe’ activity, but part of the mainstream culture, just as tattoos have been accepted.

The good (or the bad, depending on who you are) is that the demand for body piercing has far outgrown the amount of competent professional body piercers available.  There are many parts of the country where there are either no body piercers working (and you have to resort to going to a tattoo artist or self piercing with a body piercing kit), or if there are body piercers, they charge ridiculous amounts of money because of the demand.  If you are comfortable with people, and have some medical training (blood borne pathogen, CPR or other emergency training) you might make a good body piercer.  Body piercers today routinely make over $100.00 per hour since they can perform multiple piercings within that hour.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in pursuing you can find out more about all the tools, equipment and information  you will need to get started at this respected supplier of body piercing kits and piercing supplies.