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Cool or Fool: Tattooed Eyeball

03 31st, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Tattooed Eyeball

In the never-ending quest to not be out-done by their fellow man (or woman), people on the cutting-edge of body art are pushing the absolute limits on what they are willing to do.  This photo is of a person who actually decided to get an eyeball tattoo.  Not only are tattoos and piercings around the eyes extremely dangerous and prone to side-effects that can result in blindness, trying to ‘decorate’ an eye is just a bad, bad idea.

If tongue rings make dentists cringe at the thought of tooth enamel damage, imagine what this pic would make an optometrist do?  Even if you were lucky enough not to have any short-term complications with such a procedure, the long-term effects of such extreme modifications are not known.  The effects of injected ink (not to mention the pain involved) as well as the use of body piercing supplies or tattoo machinery around the eye is almost always going to be detrimental to you.  It’s better to stick with the more ‘conventional’ ways to express your love for piercing and tattoos and always go to a registered professional body art technician for all of your body piercing and tattoo needs.

Where to get body piercing supplies

03 30th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Body art tools and body piercing supplies are very specialized and can be difficult to find.  Suppliers of body piercing tools and tattoo supplies do not usually have retail locations, so it can be difficult to obtain the right tools in a timely manner.  There are a few companies that offer retail locations along with their online sites that allow for pick up of your orders, saving you time and money on shipping.

Of course, the best of both worlds would be to find a body art supplier that offers both free shipping and in-store pick up of orders.  We have found one that offers free shipping (without an order minimum) and no-hassle in-store pick up of orders for those close enough to make the drive.  For more information on this company, click this link: body piercing supplies and check them out.  Remember, having the right tool at the time of the tattoo or piercing is crucial to your success.  Don’t be caught off-guard in the middle of a procedure.  Stock up and always have back-ups for your most important tools.

Thinking about Piercing Yourself?

03 29th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Sterile Body Piercing Kit

Self piercing, or home piercing is a growing trend that may or may not be a good thing for those that engage in it.  We here at the always encourage you to seek the services of a professionally trained and licensed body piercer, but we also understand that there are times when doing it yourself is preferable.

In the case of genital or nipple piercings, many people elect to do it themselves to avoid the discomfort of having a stranger do it.  Most of the time, self piercing can be a way to avoid the awkwardess and high cost of having a professional do it, but you need to be very careful.  If you are going to self pierce (or have a loved one or friend help you) you will need a sterile body piercing kit.  Find a kit that has the correct body jewelry, tools and prep for the type of body piercing you are doing, as well as includes instruction (either written or streaming video) to assist you.  Most importantly, make sure the body piercing kit you purchase has sterile body jewelry!  You will know if it includes sterilized body jewelry because they will be packaged in light blue color-changing sterile pouches, and usually the company will clearly state that the body jewelry is sterilized.  If the description of the kit does not clearly state the body jewelry is sterile, it is not.  If you are unclear, contact the company and ask if the body jewelry is sterile.  Remember, using body piercing kits that do not include sterile body jewelry is asking for an infection, or worse, to happen.

Rogue Body Artists: Everybody’s Problem

03 27th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Rogue body artists (i.e. unlicensed and unregistered tattooists and body piercers) is a growing problem in the United States.  With the harsh economic times and simultaneous booming demand for body piercers and tattoo artists, there is a growing number of rogue piercers and tattooists in our communities.  These rogue artists may work out of their houses, or worse yet, their cars, offering to body pierce or tattoo someone for cut rate prices.

There’s an old saying that says ‘you get what you pay for’, and that is very true in all walks of life.  Getting your lip pierced from a guy working out of his house (or car) may ‘save’ you a few bucks initially, but chances are you are going to pay much more later as the chance of infection (from used needles and un-sterilized body jewelry they use) is fifty to one hundred times greater than having that same piercing or tattoo done by someone who is licensed with the health department and works in a sterile environment or shop.  Is it worth the five or ten bucks you save to have someone who does not use the proper sterilized body piercing supplies or tools pierce you with a used needle that may have been used before you with someone who has Hepatitis or AIDS?  Always make sure to ask your body artists to see their health department permit, and ask to see all the tools and body jewelry and needles used are in sterile pouches.  Your life may depend upon it.

There are growing concerns across the nation regarding the practice of performing micro-dermal implants (a.k.a. ‘dermals’).  Dermals have become increasingly popular in the last year despite high risks of rejection and migration.  The other problem with dermals is that unlike standard body piercings, they are permanent and must be removed surgically.  The other contributing factor to the dangers of dermals is that the vast majority of people performing this procedure are using improper procedure and/or tools to implant the anchor.

The proper tool for inserting a dermal anchor is a biopsy punch, which allows a precise ‘hole’ to be made for the anchor to be installed easily into the skin.  However, either to avoid the higher cost of dermals (as opposed to needles) or because of ignorance, many dermal implants are done with needles (where the hole is stretched and manipulated by the needle) or worse, scalpels.  There have been so many terrible problems with dermal implants that they have been outlawed in most states and now require a physician to do them.  If you are in a state where it is still legal to perform implants, make sure you are using the proper body piercing tools for the procedure.  And as always, seek a professionally trained and registered body artist for all your body piercings.

The Body Piercing Needle

03 22nd, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Body Piercing needles are a specific kind of hollow needle that is used to create the initial hole for body piercing.  These needles are hollow and feature an angled tip that is very sharp to insure the least amount of resistance from the tissue during a piercing.  Resistance is caused by and uneven or dull needle that is not sharp enough to puncture the tissue smoothly, creating a resistance from the skin as it tries to go through.  Some piercers use water-soluble lubricating jelly on the shaft of the needle to allow the needle to pass through with less resistance, and thus, less pain to the client.

Whichever way you pierce (with or without lube) what matters most is the sharpness of the needle.  If your needle is dull, or not sharpened to a fine point, it will cause discomfort to your client and take more effort to push through.  All needles should also be sterile and in individually packaged sterile containers that show they are sterile with color-changing indicators.  Make sure you purchase your body piercing needles from a respected supplier of body art supplies to insure they are specifically designed for body piercing use.

Make or Break Body Piercing Supplies

03 21st, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

The success of any body piercing depends upon several factors; the first being the expertise of the piercer, followed by the proper utilization of sterile body piercing tools and piercing supplies.  If you are an apprentice body piercer, you should know that having the right tools and proper body piercing supplies is the first step in performing a body piercing successfully.  Many times the complications associated with improper piercings, or infections that follow a piercing are caused by improper techniques, or worse, using tools and body jewelry that has not been properly sterilized.

Finding a company that will supply you with quality (and when needed – sterile) body piercing supplies is crucial to not only the success of your body art career but also to the safety of your customers.  Make sure you purchase your body piercing supplies only from a respected supplier of body piercing supplies that has a clear and thorough sterilization process explained on their web site and who also posts regular spore test results of their autoclaves and sterilization equipment.  After that, the rest is up to you!

Tongue Piercing: What are the risks?

03 20th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

Tongue piercing is becoming one of the most popular body piercings performed today.  Many people assume that tongue piercing is extremely painful, and either avoid or prolong getting it done.  However, done by a professional body piercer, tongue piercing can be one of the least painful of all body piercings due to the fact that most pain sensors are at the edges of the tongue.  As long as you have your tongue pierced in the middle area of the tongue (avoiding the end or edge areas) your tongue piercing should be relatively pain-free and quick.

There are other factors to consider with tongue piercing, such as personal habits and possible damage it can cause to your teeth.  If you are a chewer (and you know who you are), and prefer a large, steel barbell in your mouth, you risk either biting down on the barbell while eating (and potentially chipping or cracking your teeth), or you may be causing small ‘chips’ to the enamel surface of your teeth by ‘clanking’ the body jewelry around inside your mouth (so that it hits your teeth).  While having your tongue pierced can be very cool and stylish, know your limitations and respect the fact while body piercing is reversible, you are only give one set of teeth.

Piercing Supplies: Ring Opening Pliers

03 18th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

One of the primary tools of a professional body piercer is known as ring opening pliers.  These special pliers allow the piercer to accurately and safely open (or dilate) a captive bead ring.  Once opened, the captive bead (also known as ball) is released, and the ring portion of the piece of body jewelry can be positioned through a piercing until in position.

Once positioned properly, the captive bead ring can be closed using a pair of ring closing pliers so that the space between the opening of the ring is once again the proper gap for the bead to fit into.  The diameter of the captive bead ring should be adjusted so that the ends of the ring overlap the width of the ball slightly.  This way, the ball will ‘pop’ back into place and be held securely by the pressure of the ring ends upon the tiny indentations machined into the ball itself.  We found a quality seller of body piercing supplies and tools that offers surgical steel tools that can be safely autoclaved.

The State of Body Piercing

03 16th, 2011 Author: justhurtabit

The practice of body piercing has become common amongst people of all ages, races, and regions.  Body piercing has gone beyond trendy or experimental and is now practiced so widely that it has become a permanent form of self expression.  Indeed, more people than ever before are having their noses, navels and lips pierced.  Body piercing is now more common than tattoos, with most people having multiple body piercings in their ears, nose, eyebrows, lips, tongue and navels.

The body piercing phenomenon may be due to the fact that body piercings are not permanent and that if the devotee changes their mind, the hole will usually heal and close up with removal of the body jewelry.  This ability for piercings to be ‘undone’ is in stark contrast to tattoos, which cannot be reversed.  Also, body piercing is far less expensive of an undertaking (compared to a tattoo).

Only a couple years ago it used to be that people would look at you strangely if you had a body piercing.  Now, you may find yourself getting stared at for not having a body piercing 🙂