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The Benefits of Using Forceps In Piercing

12 31st, 2010 Author: justhurtabit
Disposable sterile sponge forceps for body piercing

Disposable Body Piercing Forceps

Forceps are tools used in body piercing that are borrowed from the medical field.  Used specifically in surgical procedures, forceps are fashioned out of either stainless steel, or out of hardened teflon or plastic.  Plastic forceps are usually disposable and designed to be used only once.

Using forceps during piercing serves several important functions.  The first, is to secure the skin so that exact entry and exit points can be marked.  Forceps also help to avoid excessive movement as in tongue piercing where the client may attempt to retract the tongue before the needle can be removed.   Forceps also can help restrict the flow of blood after a piercing by leaving them in place.  Lastly, forceps can act to reduce pain experienced in certain piercings (i.e. nipples) due to the fact that the client may feel more pressure than needle penetration when used properly.  Whichever type you use (re-usable steel or disposable plastic), make sure they are sterilized before hand and purchased from a reputable company that offers quality piercing supplies.

Sterile Body Jewelry and Piercing Supplies

12 30th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

Sterile Pouch with Indicator

When purchasing body jewelry and piercing supplies, it is absolutely crucial that you know what you are buying is truly sterile.  Sellers of most body piercing kits, piercing supplies and body jewelry will allude to, or make claims that they offer ‘sterile’ body piercing supplies, but are they?

Sterile body jewelry is one of the hardest body piercing supplies to find, and once found, you need to know that what you are getting (and paying extra for) has really been sterilized up to the legal requirements.  Look for a piercing supply company that posts their regular spore test results for their autoclaves, and who clearly defines their sterilization process publicly.  Once you’ve ordered, make sure that the items received are pouched in sterile pouches with color-changing indicators on the back of the packet, along with a clearly stamped date.  If you are unsure as to the integrity of a company’s piercing supplies, it’s better not to purchase from them.  Your reputation as a body artist and your client’s welfare depends upon having sterile body jewelry and the right piercing supplies before you pierce.

Parent Forum: Who Can I Trust to Pierce My Daughter?

12 30th, 2010 Author: Jewels4AllOfMe

A recent comment made to me was from a concerned mother of a 16 year-old girl who insisted on having her belly pierced.  The problem, the mother explained, was that she had gone to a few tattoo shops and was not ‘comfortable’ with anyone she had met enough to let them piercer her daughter.  “It wasn’t that they were bad people, it’s just that they were mostly male, and looked like they were ex-cons – not one of them did I feel comfortable with around my daughter…”, writes Marie G, of Abilene, TX.

Although piercing a minor is allowed in most states (usually with parental consent mandatory), it can be a challenge to find a piercer that is not a tattoo artist.  As most of us already know, tattoo artists are predominantly male, with many of them (especially the better ones) having learned their craft in prison.  These ex-cons, although talented and very capable of tattooing and body piercing, can have abrupt manners to match their appearance that rub many people the wrong way.  Seek out a body piercer that specializes in body piercing, and who is registered with the health department and who has no problem showing you their sterile body piercing supplies beforehand.  Remember, a tattoo artist is always a tattooist first, and will only do a piercing when they know you aren’t interested in getting a pricey tattoo.  A true body piercing specialist is only interested in piercing, and doing it right every time.

The Dangers of Using Dirty Piercing Supplies

12 28th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

There are many sellers of piercing supplies online that promise their products are high quality and can be used safely for body piercing.  However, there are cases where companies have misrepresented themselves and their body piercing supplies in ways that can be dangerous to you and your clients.

If a seller of body piercing supplies does not guarantee the sterility of their tools, body jewelry and needles, and post publicly their regular spore test results, they should be avoided at all costs.  If a body piercing supplier offers un-sterile body jewelry, or does not post autoclave spore test results where you can see them clearly, they are not operating with integrity and are only interested in your money.  Be smart when shopping for body piercing supplies and only do business with someone that guarantees sterility and who gladly shows proof of their sterilization methods for all to see.

The Importance of Quality Piercing Supplies

12 27th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

Piercing Supplies: Forceps

Finding a supplier of quality, reasonably priced body piercing supplies can be difficult these days.  It seems that there are dozens of companies (most with p.o. box addresses) that claim to offer you high-quality piercing tools, tattoo accessories and body art supplies.  Between these companies, prices vary wildly, as well as shipping times and return policies.

You may save a few dollars purchasing your supplies from an unknown supplier at first, but you can be assured that as with anything else, you will get what you pay for.  When you are doing a tattoo, the last thing you want to happen is your gun or power supply to fail.  Likewise, if you are performing a body piercing, you need to use forceps that will not break, and gloves that will not tear.  The best way to ensure both quality and value is to choose a supplier that offers both, and who stands behind their products with a return policy that is simple and hassle-free.  Having the right body piercing supplies from a supplier you trust means you can focus on the task at hand.  Not only is your reputation on the line, but so is your client’s safety and welfare.

How To Choose A Safe Body Piercing Kit

12 25th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

If you have searched for body piercing kits available online, you have undoubtedly seen many variations, from numerous sources.  The simplest body piercing kits consist of a needle and a piece of body jewelry.  These kits do not include forceps and are known as ‘free-hand’ kits.  A step up from basic free-hand kits are kits that include alcohol swabs, pads or some kind of skin preparation, and maybe a pair of gloves.  Complete body piercing kits include  include forceps, lubricating jelly, and possibly even some aftercare instructions, as well as body jewelry.  If you are lucky enough, you may even find a kit that includes instructional videos.

If you are an apprentice body piercer looking for a kit that is safe, and has everything necessary to perform a body piercing properly, there is one company we have found that offers complete (and reasonably priced) body piercing kits that include the most important items of all, sterile body jewelry.  Make sure any body piercing kits you purchase include the tools, skin preparation and sterilized needles and sterile body jewelry (already pouched and autoclave sterilized) you will need.  Also, make sure the company you purchase from provides spore test results so you know everything is truly safe and sterile.

Cool or Fool: Man with Four Nipples?

12 24th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

Man with Four Nipples?

At first glance, this man appears to have four large, green nipples.  On closer inspection, they are adornments suspended strategically from surface piercings on his chest.  Is this a form of religious expression, or is it a gender-bending cry for attention?

To be a member of most Western churches, one only has to dress appropriately and give an offering each Sunday.  In other countries, showing your faith can be more sacrificial in nature, where individuals endure extreme fasting, body piercing (or modifications), and other extreme physical acts of sacrifice.  The matter boils down to this; do physical sacrifices lead to spiritual bliss, or are they just symbolic in nature?  I guess to find out the answer, we would have to put ourselves in these people’s shoes, ah, I mean ‘skins’, to find out.

When you should not get a body piercing

12 23rd, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

For the most part, getting a body piercing is not that big of a deal.  Ear piercing is a form of body piercing, and is done routinely in salons and department stores daily.  Getting a body piercing should not be a traumatic experience.  Instead, when proper techniques are followed and proper body piercing supplies and sterile materials are used, there is a very high chance of success without complications.

However, there are times you should not undergo a body piercing, even from a professional body piercer.  Those times are when you are ill, pregnant, fasting or intoxicated.  Being ill interferes with your regenerative system and can prolong healing, or manifest in excessive swelling.  Pregnancy endangers the unborn child and should never be done.  If you are intoxicated or drunk, your judgment is impaired and alcohol can cause excessive bleeding.  Make sure you have eaten within 6 hours of getting pierced, otherwise, you are more prone to fainting.  When possible, always put your body into the hands of a trained and registered body piercing professional.

Titanium Body Piercing Kits

12 22nd, 2010 Author: justhurtabit
Sterile Body Piercing Kit with Forceps

Sterile Titanium Body Piercing Kit with Forceps

The use of Titanium body jewelry for initial body piercings is widespread throughout the U.K. and Western Europe.  In some places, it is the legal standard for all body artists to use titanium body jewelry for piercings.  Why use titanium?  The answer is that Titanium is the only metal that is completely nickel free and will not be rejected by the body as other metals will.  Because of this, titanium is used extensively for surgical implants in the medical field.

We have found only one company that offers an option for sterilized titanium body jewelry in their body piercing kits.  Remember, titanium is always going to be more expensive than 316L Stainless Steel, but for those clients that are allergic to the trace amounts of nickel that are in stainless steel body jewelry, it is well worth the investment.

The Snug Piercing

12 21st, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

Snug Piercing

A Snug piercing is a type of body piercing that is done in the ear’s inner cartilage about halfway down (also known as the anti-helix area).   Most Snug piercings are done horizontally, but can also be done vertically.  Since this is a cartilage piercing, it can be quite painful to endure, and can take a considerable time to heal completely.

A snug piercing can be easily done by using a body piercing kit, as long as the piercer has experience with cartilage piercings.  The type of jewelry most commonly worn in a snug piercing is a small gauge curved barbell or captive bead ring.  The healing time for a snug piercing is approximately 2 to 4 months.