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Should You wear Titanium Body Jewelry?

09 30th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

The type of initial body jewelry used in a fresh piercing is crucial to the success or failure of a piercing.  The most common materials used for initial piercing jewelry are 316L Surgical Stainless Steel and PTFE material (a teflon-like flexible material).  In the United States, the most commonly used material is Surgical Stainless Steel (pre-sterilized of course), and if there is a chance of rejection to the slight trace amounts of nickel in surgical stainless steel, PTFE is usually used with success.

In the UK and other European countries, there has been recent regulations that mandate the use of Grade 23 Titanium Body Jewelry for initial piercings.  This type of Titanium is very pure and has no trace amounts of nickel or other types of metal that people are sensitive to.  If your body rejects (or is allergic to) common metals, make sure you request that your body piercer uses body piercing jewelry made only of Grade 23 Titanium or PTFE materials only.

The Master Body Piercer

09 29th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

A specialist is someone that has chosen a single field of expertise and who devotes themselves to perfecting that one area.  In the body art industry, there are either tattoo specialists (those that only do tattoos) and body piercing specialists.  While there are many body artists that are proficient in both disciplines, it is becoming more and more common to see tattoo artists that only tattoo and body piercers that only pierce.

Just as you would expect the best service possible from the service department of the dealership where you purchased your car, you can expect the best body piercing experience possible from a professional body piercer that specializes only in body piercing, and who has spent their entire career perfecting each kind of piercing technique to the point they are considered masters at their craft.  If you are fortunate enough to have such a body piercing specialist in your area, you can expect only the best body piercing experience possible, and  you will have the highest chance of having your body piercing turn out exactly the way you wanted it to.

In the body art industry, there are many sellers that want to sell you body piercing supplies.  These sellers can be found on ebay, through web searches and on shopping sites.  Although the products they offer may appear to be the same, there can be vast differences in both quality, end price and service.

The vast majority of companies online require minimum order amounts (usually 100 dollars or more) and charge shipping fees with hidden handling fees built in.  However, there is one company we’ve found that stands above the rest by selling only top quality body piercing supplies and that does not require order minimums to get their end pricing.  Also, this company is the only online seller we’ve found that does not charge shipping fees of any kind (within the USA), and who stands behind their products with a return policy that allows exchanges for any merchandise found to be defective.  Before you buy, make sure you have looked carefully at the companies’ shipping and return policies so you won’t get stuck in the end.

The Neck Piercing

09 27th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

The Neck piercing is a type of surface piercing placed in the tissue that resides within the space of the collar bones.  Also known as a ‘Madison’ piercing, this type of body piercing can only be performed if there is enough loose tissue in the area to accommodate the piercing.

For this type of piercing a standard straight 14g needle is used, with either a straight or curved barbell made of ptfe material or surgical stainless steel inserted for initial jewelry.  Once healed (taking about 8 weeks time), curved or straight barbells of varying materials can be worn.  Drawbacks of this body piercing are as with all surface piercings and their tendencies to catch on clothing and migrate or reject more often than standard body piercings.

Tongue Piercing for Pleasure

09 27th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

Contrary to popular belief, a tongue piercing is actually one of the least painful piercings anyone can get.   This is because most of the nerve endings on the tongue are concentrated on the edges and not the center.  This is why when you accidentally bite your tongue it hurts, yet having a tongue piercing can be finished before you even know it.

Once your tongue has been pierced, you can experiment with a wide variety of body jewelry designed specifically for tongues.  These pieces range from plain steel shafts with steel, plastic or even silicone ends (shown) that are known as ticklers, to flexible barbells made of ptfe or bendable plastics.  You can even purchase tongue jewelry that glows in the dark and vibrates (thanks to a tiny motor and batteries inside).  However these mechanical tongue barbells are not recommended due to the possibility of battery leakage inside your mouth and the potential for damage to tooth enamel.  The other hazards of mechanical tongue barbells is that the components may come loose and be swallowed.

Finding the Right Pro Body Piercing Kit

09 26th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

Professional Body Piercing Kit

Choosing the right starter body piercing kit can be a difficult task since there are so many variations in quality and fluctuations in pricing.  The primary considerations an apprentice, or experienced body piercer should have are; quality in materials, and sterility.  There are many starter kits offered that include common products that can be purchased for less at your neighborhood drug store.  These kits are usually over-priced considering the amount of piercings they provide (and they almost never feature sterile body jewelry).

The right professional starter body piercing kit has an ample amount of piercing needles, tools and body jewelry – enough to do dozens, or even hundreds, of piercings.  You should also have the option of ordering your starter piercing kit with either factory-new or pre-sterilized body jewelry in case you do not already own your own autoclave.  Also, make sure that the starter kit you purchase is offered by a company that stands behind their products with a solid replacement guarantee if necessary, and who includes instructional videos and printed materials that will guide you through the certification process easily so you can get down to business right away.

Body Artists: Are you breaking the law?

09 25th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

The question of legality regarding body art on minors varies from state to state.  For instance, in California, it is illegal to tattoo a minor – period.  However, body piercing is permitted with either the presence of a parent or guardian, or written permission that has been notarized.

There seems to be much confusion and deception regarding this issue, especially by tattoo shops that can’t afford to turn away the business of tattooing minors.  These shops try to apply the body piercing statutes (that allow piercing with parental consent) to rationalize tattooing of minors, which is not okay.  If you are in doubt as to what the law is in your state, contact your local health department and ask.  It’s always better be informed of the law, especially since judges will always tell you that ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse’.

Can your gardener do this?

09 24th, 2010 Author: Jewels4AllOfMe

This photo is further proof the recession is world-wide.  It appears this gardener named Haji (he prefers the term ‘landscape engineer’) finds it necessary to do more than just cut and edge his customers’ lawns.  After the last leaf has been blown and his mini truck has been loaded up, this poor slob sticks a dirty pair of garden shears through his face.  What probably started out as a cheek piercing looks to be stretched out to at least a couple inches by the blade of these shears.

While doing this type of extreme stretching may guarantee your customers keep calling you back for more, it is not recommended and highly risky behavior.  Just because you can get your own body piercing kit and pierce yourself doesn’t mean you should get carried away with trying to impress the locals with stunts like this.  Not only do you risk cutting your tongue and gums, but these displays may encourage youngsters to imitate you – plus, they attract flies!  What do you think:  Cool or Fool?

Body Piercing: Deviance or self-expression?

09 23rd, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

Body piercing, as with most forms of self-expression, is viewed differently by different people.  Some people (usually of an older generation) see it as a form of deviance or rebellion, at best, while others view it as a perfectly acceptable form of self expression.  According to a recent study, there is no firm evidence that exists that body piercing is associated with mental illness.  However, the same study linked a minority of piercing devotees to high-risk sexual activities as well as anti-social behavior (especially among adolescents).

It was also reported that the prevalence of body piercing ranged from 6.8 percent to 14 percent overall within the general population and from 4.3 percent to 51 percent among teenagers and young adults, with females more likely than males to have body piercings.  Whether you self pierce with a sterile body piercing kit or you go to a professional body piercer to have it done, wanting a body piercing does not make you crazy or self-destructive.  It’s just a form of expression.

Finding the Right Body Piercing Supplies

09 22nd, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

Having the right body piercing supplies, tools and sterile body jewelry is crucial to professional body piercers.  The correct forceps, needles and receiving tubes are necessary to perform specific body piercings correctly.  Not using the right tools can result in misplacement of the piercing, increased discomfort and healing time, or worse, injury to the client or body piercer.

Professionals know that as with any other craft, body piercing requires area-specific tools, and prep materials to properly pierce different areas.  Make sure the body piercing supplies you purchase are the highest quality available, and if needed, autoclave sterilized and pouched by a certified seller of body piercing supplies.