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Ear Stretching

Ear Stretching

The growing popularity of ear-stretching (for girls and boys) has created a problem for parents.  Since kids can begin stretching from any sized hole in their ears (a standard pierced ear can be stretched using tiny stretchers in increasing sizes), how far they go becomes a concern of parents.  It’s one thing to see a small stretcher in a child’s ears, but another sight altogether to see them sporting 00G or a 1/2 inch sized tunnel.

Similar to a parent trying to stop a child from getting pierced (or worse, piercing themselves), stretching becomes a problem because unless you are with the child constantly, there are always opportunities to stretch.  Rather than say no to stretching outright, it may be a better solution to be a part of the process, and if necessary, allowing your son or daughter to stretch, while agreeing to a pre-set limit on how far they can go.  Setting a limit on size (beyond 00G is irreversible) helps keep everything out in the open and most kids will see it as a compromise on your part as a parent, an honor the agreement.  Measuring the body jewelry they are wearing will encourage compliance with the limitations agreed upon (there are parents that have gauge calipers for this).  At least if you are a part of the process you can monitor it.  Make sure your child goes safe and slow (no more than one size every 3 weeks) and that they stay under 00G, so if/when they change their minds and take them out it is still reversible.

How To Become a Certified Professional Body Piercer

08 21st, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

Professional Starter Body Piercing Kit

One of the few industries that is expanding these days is the Body Art industry.  If you look around, it seems that everyone has body piercings of some sort; ears, noses, lips, eyebrows, navels, etc. etc.  The exploding popularity and acceptance of body piercing has created a huge demand for certified body piercers in all parts of the nation.  Body Piercers routinely make upwards of $100.00 an hour for their services, and are in such demand that they can find immediate work almost anywhere.

The fastest way to become a certified body piercer is with a professional starter body piercing kit.  The kit shown includes all the sterile body piercing needles, body jewelry and tools needed to perform 250 body piercings, which at $40.00 per body piercing, is enough to make over $10,000.00!  This kit also includes a booklet on how to set up your new business and the legal requirements you must fulfill to become certified as a body piercer in your area.  Look for starter kits that include video instructional videos, a proper carrying case, and aftercare guidelines to assist in your preparation.  You will have to decide early on if you will be purchasing an autoclave to sterilize your tools and body jewelry, otherwise, you will need to use individually pouched and sterilized body jewelry, disposable tools and forceps.  Once you have your starter kit you will be ready to begin your apprenticeship with a seasoned body piercer in your area, who will supervise you as you learn the techniques necessary for each type of body piercing.

Wrist Piercing

08 20th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

A growing number of people are having their wrists pierced.  As shown in the above video, a wrist piercing is a type of surface piercing performed using forceps and a straight needle, similar to other standard body piercings.   What makes wrist piercing a more difficult proposition than standard piercings is due to the high migration and rejection rates these piercings have.

A special type of body jewelry known as a surface bar made of flexible material such as tygon or PTFE teflon, and must be inserted into the piercing precisely.  Another material that is successfully used for initial wrist piercing jewelry is titanium (Grade 23).  Considered a difficult body piercing, a wrist piercing should not be attempted by a novice without the guidance and supervision of an experienced body piercer.

Allergic to Surgical Steel Body Jewelry? Try Titanium

08 19th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit
Titanium Body Piercing Kit

Titanium Body Piercing Kit

In Body Piercing, the standard metal used for initial body piercing jewelry is 316L Surgical Stainless Steel.  This metal is surgical grade stainless steel, and is used extensively in body piercing without rejection for ninety-nine percent of people.  However, there is a small minority of individuals that are allergic to the trace amounts of nickel in surgical steel jewelry and require the use of materials that are completely without nickel content.

In these cases a body piercer can either use PTFE (a teflon-like material) body jewelry, or Grade 23 Titanium Body Jewelry.  Now complete body piercing kits can be purchased that feature Grade 23 Titanium body jewelry that incluce pre-sterilized and pouched titanium body jewelry.  Although Titanium is always more expensive, it is the only acceptable choice for people with severe allergies to other metals.  Make sure when buying Titanium that you are getting Grade 23 quality, and as always, only buy your body art materials and supplies from a respected supplier.

There’s nothing like a Great Recession to bring out the cheap-skate in people.  If you are in the service industry (like me) you know that when times get tough the penny-pinchers get pinching.  It seems like every day there’s some tight ass coming into my shop asking how much for a piercing and when I tell them my price they react like I’d thrown a bucket of acid on ’em.  Immediately, they start spewing how they can get it cheaper somewhere else, telling me I’m way too expensive, etc. etc.  The problem with this b.s. story is that if that other shop is such a great deal, what the hell are they doing in my shop?

It never fails (after their little tantrum is over), they always end up trying to low-ball me with an amount they are willing to pay, figuring I’m desperate for their business.  Are you kidding me? Not only did this customer just insult me by telling me I’m not worth my fee, but then they want to ‘negotiate’?  Really think about this situation a minute; if you just spent the last five minutes telling a professional piercer how they’re not worth the money,  is it really smart to ask them to pierce you?  I don’t know about you but I know how the subconscious works.  That irritation and anger you feel after something like that (and all those choice obscenities you’ve managed to hold back) just might translate into a not so smooth piercing (if you know what I mean).  When I get hot like that I refuse to pierce anyone.  I’d rather sit through a chick-flick marathon with my eyes pried open (Clockwork Orange style) than help somebody like that.  My usual response to the customer is to suggest they either buy a body piercing kit (and do themselves) or get on their little blue scooter and pedal their butt to that other place that’s so wonderful.  As a kid, my dad had a saying I never understood, he’d say ‘Not all money is good money’.   Now I know exactly what that means.

Has Body Piercing gone mainstream?

08 17th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

It seems like only a few years ago, people with visible body piercings were hard to find.  The ones that had them (and flaunted them openly) were usually either very young, or considered very strange.  It took decades before having tattoos became not only acceptable by civil society, but in some cases fashionable.  Recent media ventures (like L.A. Ink and other tattoo-based reality television shows) have provided further testament to the mass acceptance of  body art in our society.

Today, seeing someone with a septum piercing, pierced eyebrow, or other facial body piercing is not only commonplace, but  expected for most younger adults.  The truth is, if you pull aside a random group of younger adults (between 18 to 25 years of age) you will find the majority of them will have some type of body piercing.  Due to the lower cost to get pierced (body piercing kits can be purchased to save money), combined with the fact that most body piercings are easily reversed (as opposed to tattoos), piercings are rapidly becoming the preferred choice of body art in practice today.

Sterile Disposable Body Piercing Needles

Health Departments across the United States mandate that body piercers use only disposable body piercing supplies (i.e. needles, tools, prep materials) or that they autoclave sterilize tools that are re-used (needles of any kind should never be used more than once under any circumstance).  The question often arises; if my body piercer or tattoo artist uses disposable needles and tools, is my safety guaranteed?

The answer is no.  Although using pre-sterilized needles, tools and body jewelry will eliminate direct contamination risk from those objects, there are other risks involved that must be considered.  Cross-contamination can come from contact with surfaces, like the chair or table you sit on, or the walls and other surfaces within the room.  Another frequent contamination risk is the mishandling of sterile items by un-certified body artists who are not using proper universal guidelines during the procedure, and will ‘contaminate’ a sterile item inadvertently.  The other major risk for contamination comes from other people in the room, including the body artist him/herself. Pathogens from people can be either airborne or transferred through contact.  A professionally trained body piercer must be certified in a blood-borne pathogen course which includes training on how to avoid cross-contamination during a body art procedure.  Also, in many states (California included), body artists are required to undergo a series of Hepatitis B vaccinations to ensure they will not risk infecting their clients with Hepatitis during a procedure.  Make sure the body artist you choose to entrust has their recent blood-borne pathogen certification and other documentation posted in plain sight for your inspection.

Extreme Ear Plugs

08 15th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

Scorpion Ear Plugs

If you’re looking for ear plugs that will really grab some attention, extreme ear plugs like these will definitely do the trick!  These plugs feature real scorpions cast in resin that are perfectly transparent to show every creature detail.   These saddle plugs are available in different sizes and are guaranteed to turn heads no matter where you are.

Wearers of these plugs commonly report that people will look at them from a distance and then step closer, trying to figure out what they are.  Sudden recognition of the creatures inside can cause audible screams and shock, especially from women.  You can find these plugs offered at reasonable prices for a pair where quality ear plugs and tunnels are sold.

Healing after a body piercing: What is normal?

08 15th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

Getting a body piercing always involves some initial pain, followed by discomfort during healing.  The healing stage of a body piercing varies depending upon the type of body piercing, the amount (or lack of) care given to the area (known as aftercare), and the individuals own regenerative power.  During healing, there is always a certain amount of swelling and redness the first few days (known as the inflammatory phase), that accompanies a normal body piercing.  This phase if followed by the growth phase (which lasts a few weeks to several months), where new skin is regenerated.

The final phase is called the maturation phase, where the new tissue becomes accustomed to the body jewelry.  You can fluctuate between the second and third stages with your new piercing for years before your healing is completely finished.  Normal healing involves some bleeding and swelling with tenderness initially, with intermittent bleeding for a few days.  Bruising in the pierced area is also expected, and normal.  However extended bleeding (beyond a few days) is a concern and you should consult your piercer or physician if this occurs.  A normal piercing involves slight swelling, redness, and possible fluid oozing for a prolonged period of time, even as long as a few weeks or even months after the piercing.  You may also experience a ‘flare-up’ when the piercing is traumatized and needs to be treated as a fresh wound all over again.  Even with proper aftercare attention and procedures, it is always possible with any kind of  body piercing that infection may occur.  Infections are primarily caused by bacterial exposure, and can vary in both their severity and duration.  Always refer to your aftercare guidelines for treatment and if anything abnormal occurs (extended bleeding, etc.) always consult your piercer or physician.

Top Down Body Jewelry for Comfort and Style

08 14th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

Hinged Top Down Belly Ring

If you are not into dangling navel jewelry, you might find what you are looking for in a top-down designed belly ring.  This style of body jewelry places the primary jewelry cluster at the top of the shaft so that nothing is left dangling below the navel line.

Another benefit of top down body jewelry is that many of these pieces are available ‘hinged’ so they will not cut into your skin while sitting or moving around.  If you haven’t gone ‘top-down’ yet, try it, you just might love it!