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Ear Stretching in Style

08 31st, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

Ear stretching is becoming one of the fastest growing types of body modifications in practice today.  When ear stretching first started in the United States, it was almost exclusively practiced by males.  Now, you see as many girls stretching their ears as guys, due to the overall greater popularity of body piercing combined with the ever-increasing styles of body jewelry available.

The easiest way to begin stretching your ears is to use tapers (also known as stretchers) that taper off at one end, so that by inserting the piece through the ear opening, the hole is forced to ‘expand’.  You can start stretching from a standard ear-piercing hole, either by going to a professional body piercer (who uses a professional steel taper kit) or by purchasing your own stretchers in ever-widening sizes.  Stretchers are available in a myriad of colors, sizes and materials.  Whichever way you go, remember, it’s important to be careful when stretching any part of your body and not to go too fast (it’s recommended not to go faster than one size per month) or you can create permanent scar tissue.

Body Jewelry: Land of no-return?

08 30th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

Part of having body piercings is the constant hunt for stylish body jewelry to wear.  Since most piercings close quickly once the jewelry is removed, it is crucial that you purchase body jewelry that isn’t just great-looking, but built of quality materials that will stand the test of time.  Whether you wear nipple shields, lip rings, tongue barbells or a belly ring, you know that when it comes to purchasing body jewelry, there can be a huge difference in both quality and price.

Just as we have established that not all body jewelry is equal, it is also true that the companies that sell body jewelry differ greatly in their return policies.  If you have already worn a piece of body jewelry and it breaks from use, it is reasonable not to expect to be able to return that item (in fact, it can actually be illegal for the seller to accept worn/used body jewelry).  However, if you just purchased a piece of body jewelry and it breaks, or is flawed before you have a chance to wear it, you should be able to exchange that item for a new one.  The same goes for a piece that is mis-marked or misrepresented in some way (example, the ear tunnels you just bought were supposed to be 1/2 inch and they were 7/8 inch in size).  The problem is, many sellers of body jewelry do not recognize this problem and will not exchange defective items.  Fortunately, there are a few reputable companies that do stand behind their body jewelry and will offer refunds or replacement pieces for defects from manufacturing.

The Bridge Piercing

08 29th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

The bridge piercing is a surface body piercing that is done through the center of the skin at the bridge of the nose.  This piercing should be centered between the eyes on the bridge area of the nose.  This type of piercing is also referred to as an ‘Erl’ or ‘Earl’, named after the person first credited for having one performed, Erl Van Aken.  (A variation of this piercing is when it is done in a vertical fashion.)

Since a bridge piercing is a type of surface piercing, it carries the same risks of migration and rejection inherent to all surface piercings.  Initially, these piercings use straight or curved barbells.  Once healed (which takes approximately 8 to 10 weeks, or up to 3 months), a captive bead ring or D-ring can be worn comfortably.  Despite myths that bridge piercings can lead to brain infections or eye problems, a bridge piercing does affect the eyes or brain.  With the right body jewelry, this type of body piercing will look great and will draw attention to the eyes of the wearer.

Should I tip my body piercer?

08 28th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

The question of whether to tip your body piercer or not is really a matter of personal choice.  Do you tip your hair-dresser?  How about your waitress?  In the world of personal service professionals, tipping is a direct form of appreciation shown by you, the customer.

A good body piercer has refined his or her technique to the point that it has become smooth and quick, with minimal pain or discomfort.  Along with superior piercing, your piercer may offer additional touches that may include aftercare materials (like sea salt packets) or free body jewelry.  So if you are truly happy with how your new body piercing turned out, go ahead and give a tip.  Not only will your piercer appreciate it, but it will set the tone for the next piercing you get, and may weigh heavily later on (like when you need to be ‘squeezed’ into a busy schedule).  Like everyone else, your body piercer needs to hear they are doing a good job, and a tip is one of the best ways to say it!

Water Anyone?

08 27th, 2010 Author: Jewels4AllOfMe

This week’s entry into our ‘Cool or Fool’ category is this jar-bearing man.  Since this photo is unclaimed, we can only speculate as to what this man is doing here.  He could be a masochistic pan-handler going about his daily prospecting, or he could be taking part in some sort of sacrificial religious rite of passage as he carries jugs of sacred water through an uncaring village.  Irregardless of what, why or how he’s doing this, you can bet these jars are very heavy (as evidenced by the distance the skin is being pulled away from the body).

Most people are content with just wearing standard body jewelry, but there are always a few who always push the envelope.  Before you run out and suspend heavy objects from your body piercings, keep in mind that over-stretching a body piercing can result in permanent scaring and severe tearing of the tissue, and is definitely not recommended.  Let us know what you think and cast your vote: Cool or Fool?

Read this BEFORE you get your nipples pierced!

08 26th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

Nipple piercing is always going to be painful, no matter what precautions are taken.  Many body piercers will recommend taking over-the-counter pain reliever before their appointment, or use numbing sprays or pain reducing pads, that can help reduce the pain you will feel.  But when that moment comes, and the needle pops through, you will definitely feel the pain.  From experience, I can tell you that it is a very intense pain indeed.

As body piercers already know, during nipple piercing, there is a strange phenomena that occurs, causing you to feel much more pain from the second nipple being pierced than you feel from the first one.  This is mainly due to the body’s reaction to the first body piercing, and the body’s defense mechanisms involved in our ‘fight-or-flight’ reaction to trauma.  If your piercer does not prepare you for this (many piercers do not tell the customer, fearing the customer will back out of the procedure), be prepared.  For this reason, I try to always arrange for both nipples to be pierced simultaneously, avoiding the additional pain incurred when doing one nipple at a time.  If you are considering getting your nipples pierced, ask your body piercer if you can have them done at the same time.  There may be a slight additional cost over the standard body piercing rate, but the pain saved is worth it.

How much does a professional body piercer make?

08 25th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

Body piercing is exploding in popularity.  This recent phenomenon has made professional body piercing one of the few careers that are in hot demand, even during these economic times.  Because body piercing is not currently part of any college curriculum, most body piercers are self-taught, or have learned their craft through apprenticeship.  Although most apprenticeships are through tattoo shops, there is a growing number of body piercers that are becoming specialists and working independently of tattoo shops, at their residences or at body art establishments of their own.

Once you have gained the knowledge and experience to body pierce, you will need to fulfill the requirements of your local health department and register with them to legally begin body piercing.  Depending upon the area you live in and the amount of competing piercers in your area, you can expect to make an average of $40.00 to $50.00 per body piercing.  Once you have gained a following of loyal customers and are able to perform multiple piercings in an hour, you will find yourself easily making over $100.00 an hour as a professional body piercer.

How to Hide a Tongue Piercing

08 24th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

This video shows you how to use a retainer to hide a tongue piercing.  A retainer is usually made of a clear, flexible material that has a silicone feel to it and can be purchased in various styles and sizes for different body piercings.  Many people have tongue piercings for a long time without being noticed by those around them.

Try to avoid removing all jewelry from your tongue for any reason, as this can cause the piercing to close very quickly (some people report their tongue piercing closes within minutes or hours of jewelry removal).  Retainers are usually inexpensive to purchase and are available from online sellers of body jewelry and body piercing supplies.

What is a Starter Body Piercing Kit?

08 24th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

A starter body piercing kit is a type of body piercing kit that contains the essential tools, needles and body jewelry an apprentice body piercer needs to ‘start’ a career as a body piercer.  The problem is that many sellers of body piercing supplies have misapplied the term to kits that are not complete, or do not truly offer what a professional body piercer needs to properly pierce.

A true starter body piercing kit should include an ample supply of needles (in standard gauges such as 14g, 16g and 18g) as well as various types of body jewelry that you will need for most piercings.  A good starter body piercing kit should also contain tools and offer the option of body jewelry that is factory-new (for those of you that have autoclaves) or sterilized and pouched (for piercers that would rather not bother with purchasing an autoclave).  Really pay attention to what you are getting, as some sellers load up their kits with items you can easily purchase yourself (like gloves, prep materials, sharps containers, etc.) instead of giving you enough needles or body jewelry, all the while charging a high price.  Try to find a starter body piercing kit that gives you the most needles, body jewelry and appropriate tools for the amount of piercings you intend to do.  Also, some starter kits will offer helpful informational booklets on getting certified and instructional how-to videos that are streamed over the web.  Take your time and really compare what you are getting for your money and you’ll find the starter body piercing kit that’s right for you.

What do your body piercings say about you?

08 23rd, 2010 Author: justhurtabit

It is now more ‘normal’ to have a body piercing, than not to have one.  Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, teacher or firefighter, chances are you have a pierced nose, eyebrow, navel, or at least an ear or two pierced.  What your choice of body piercings (and of course, what body jewelry you choose to wear) says about you is closely related to where your piercings are.  Generally, body piercings fall into two broad categories; those that you see and those you don’t.

If you have your nipples pierced or your naughty-bits pierced, these do not show and convey a hidden ‘wild’ side to your personality only your sexual partner knows.  The opposite of this is when you have visible piercings, such as stretched ears, nose piercings, or pierced lips.  With visible piercings, size makes the statement.  If your ears are stretched to 2 inches, your tongue barbell is 0 gauge, or your nostrils are pierced and stretched out to 3/4 of a inch, obviously, you are making a more rebellious statement than if you had standard sizes for those piercings.

Certain piercings, such as septum, surface piercings, or dermal implants can be strategically placed to illicit various themes.  As many of you are already aware, you can mix and match body jewelry to suit your mood, or the occasion.  No matter what type of piercings you have or what body jewelry you wear in them, the most important thing is to feel comfortable in your own skin, at all times.  If you love the body art choices you have made and are completely with who you are, others will ultimately accept you too.