The Septum Piercing

07 7th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit
Septum Piercing

Septum Piercing

The septum piercing is a body piercing that goes through the nasal septum which is the cartilaginous dividing wall between the nostrils.  Ideally, septum piercings do not penetrate the actual cartilage of this area but are pierced through the small gap at the bottom of the nose and the beginning of the cartilage.  The septum piercing is done with a special type of forceps designed specifically for this area of the body and can be purchased in a ready-made body piercing kit.  This type of piercing is usually quite painful, with healing completed usually within about 90 days.

This piercing is routinely performed using a 14g needle but can be stretched to larger sizes through the use of progressively larger body jewelry, such as captive bead rings or horseshoe barbells (shown).  However, it is not recommended to stretch larger than about 1mm at a time, per month, as scar tissue and complications may result.

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