The Nape Piercing

07 4th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit
Nape Piercing

Nape Piercing

A nape piercing is a body piercing made at the back of the neck.  This kind of piercing is what is known as a surface piercing and has an above average rejection rate and chance of migration (movement).  This body piercing must be positioned ideally to avoid friction and irritation from clothing or other objects.

This type of piercing requires special types of body jewelry called surface bars, or elongated barbells made of flexible materials such as the teflon found in PTFE body jewelry.  Flexible body jewelry should be used initially during piercing and worn after healing to avoid possible rejection.  Another option is titanium surface bars for extended wear.  During piercing, a surface bar with elongated vertical ends is used to allow for swelling.  Once healed (usually taking several months), a shorter surface bar or standard long barbell can be worn.  Surface barbells and initial teflon (or PTFE) body jewelry can be purchased separately or in body piercing kits on the web.

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