What is an Autoclave?

06 6th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit


For the professional body piercer, one of the most important piercing tools he or she can have is an autoclave.  The autoclave is a specialized piece of medical equipment that is used to sterilize the tools, needles and body jewelry the body piercer uses each day. Two main types of autoclaves are offered; steam autoclaves and dry-heat sterilizers. Lower-end autoclaves are stove-top units that do not have heating elements and work just like a home pressure-cooker. Higher priced units are electric powered and have heating elements and gauges to assist in proper sterilization.

As a body-piercer, you are required to use sterile tools and materials for all body piercings.  You can either autoclave your tools and body jewelry yourself, or you can use disposable (pre-sterilized) needles, tools and jewelry.  If you use the pre-sterilized one-time use jewelry and tools you are not required to own an autoclave.

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