The use of I.V. Catheter needles for body piercing predominates body piercing parlors in the UK and other parts of Europe.  In the United States, the hollow bevel cut piercing needle is standard, although a growing number of body piercers are incorporating the use of I.V. Catheter needles into their procedures.

Catheter needles offer more exact placement and transition when piercing, due to their construction.  Although more costly (on average) than hollow piercing needles, Catheter needles can be worth the additional expense in added precision and client comfort.  These types of needles are available for purchase in the United States through finer online suppliers of body piercing supplies.

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  1. Erika Meller Says:

    I like the way this method of piercing looks. I have never tried these yet but it is very innovative compared to the hollow stainless steel piercing needles!

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