Allergic to Surgical Steel Body Jewelry? Try Titanium

08 19th, 2010 Author: justhurtabit
Titanium Body Piercing Kit

Titanium Body Piercing Kit

In Body Piercing, the standard metal used for initial body piercing jewelry is 316L Surgical Stainless Steel.  This metal is surgical grade stainless steel, and is used extensively in body piercing without rejection for ninety-nine percent of people.  However, there is a small minority of individuals that are allergic to the trace amounts of nickel in surgical steel jewelry and require the use of materials that are completely without nickel content.

In these cases a body piercer can either use PTFE (a teflon-like material) body jewelry, or Grade 23 Titanium Body Jewelry.  Now complete body piercing kits can be purchased that feature Grade 23 Titanium body jewelry that incluce pre-sterilized and pouched titanium body jewelry.  Although Titanium is always more expensive, it is the only acceptable choice for people with severe allergies to other metals.  Make sure when buying Titanium that you are getting Grade 23 quality, and as always, only buy your body art materials and supplies from a respected supplier.

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