Question: “Why do most tattoo shops say their body piercer isn’t there, or I have to make an appointment now?”

The answer really is in the question itself-you’re dealing with tattoo shops who are more interested in tattooing you. Although many tattoo artists know how to pierce, the majority of them would rather sell you an expensive tattoo than make a few dollars off a piercing, substantially less than even a small tattoo.

What They’re Really Saying…

When a tattoo shop tells you there piercer isn’t in that day it’s a good indication that that shop in fact doesn’t even have a full-time body piercer on staff. There’s a trend that I’ve been noticing also in my area of Lancaster which is in Los Angeles County.  Many tattoo shops seem to be either ditching body piercing completely or going to a batch system where they farm-out the piercings to somebody who is working out of their car.  These outside piercers only show up if it’s worth the time and the drive, which means YOU (the customer) is going to wait and wait and wait.

This also explains why the prices are going up skyhigh for body piercing!  Dealing with mobile piercers means getting a smaller cut of the job for the shop, which makes them boost the price.  Another negative side effect of batch piercing is that shops that don’t take piercing seriously enough to even have a full-time body piercer there are going to be the same guys that cut corners elsewhere; either by not stocking the proper size and type of body jewelry or not having a clean and dedicated piercing area for it’s customers. And lastly, it stands to reason they will not be as adamant about making sure the mobile piercer is properly licensed and permitted.

Piercing By Appointment Only?

The idea of having body piercings by appointment plays right into this batch piercing mentality. If the shop tells you you have to be by appointment only what it really means is that whoever is going to do the piercing (whether they are on staff or not) wants to have enough people there so it’s worth their time and gas to do it – or, the piercer isn’t proficient enough to do it in a reasonable amount of time. Piercing should only take five minutes or so by somebody who is competent and knows what they’re doing. It’s not rocket science. In my shop we do more piercings than anyone else in our area and we do them competently and quickly without an appointment necessary.  I always have a full-time body piercer on site and we always have the right materials. If we run out of something that is required we will turn the customer away rather than look around for what we can jam in and make do with. It’s not about the money, it’s really about satisfying the customer and doing the job right the first time. I urge you to only deal shops that actually have piercers on site all day long. It doesn’t completely guarantee that it will be done right but it does show that the shop at least takes piercing seriously enough to have somebody there to do it. Any shop that doesn’t have a piercer on site to do walk-ins on any given business day of the week should be avoided at all costs.

The other reason why many tattoo shops do not have a body piercer on staff is that there is a shortage of them nationwide.  This is why I established the first ever dedicated body piercing school.  You can click on any of the links provided here for more information on that or find the article written about my body piercing school on this site.

So when a tattoo shop says their body piercer is not in, or they tell you that you have to make an appointment to be pierced now you know what is really going on.  You should always have your body piercings down by someone that does it all the time, every day.  It’s your body and your life, don’t just let ANYBODY do it – trust only a master body piercer, or at least someone who ONLY does piercing full-time.  If you are in the Antelope Valley area stop into my shop and say ‘hi’ – and I promise we will be glad to see you even if you don’t need a piercing 🙂

(I welcome any questions that anyone may have out there regarding body piercing. As for my credentials I founded a body art shop that specializes in body piercing back in 2009 and I have a combined 30 years experience in body art as a master piercer and a vast medical background to draw from. I also contribute not only to the body piercing news but to my own blog located on my website.)





Do all Tattoo shops charge a shop minimum?

08 14th, 2015 Author: justhurtabit
Hottie Body - Lancaster, California

Hottie Body – Lancaster, California

If you call around just about any of the tattoo shops in Southern California you are going to hear a term that is unique to the tattoo industry; ‘shop minimum’.  What is a shop minimum charge, or more importantly… WHY do tattoo shops have shop minimums?  The answer is that it is more often than not because tattoo shops try to weed out the serious devotees (those of you that will spend big money on tattoos and body piercings) versus the browsers, or ‘wannabes’ – those people that are just thinking about getting a tattoo done.


In our searching through the shops in California, one tattoo shop in particular in Lancaster, Ca caught our attention by offering no shop minimums of any kind – you can find their contact information on this link; tattoos in lancaster, ca with no shop minimum.  After discussing the matter privately with numerous artists and tattoo shop owners, it was obvious that the main reason tattoo shops charge a shop reason, is plain 0ld-fashioned greed!  Beware of shops that charge shop minimums to their customers because they are probably sticking it to them in other ways too.

Body Piercing Course in Los Angeles, Ca

03 16th, 2015 Author: justhurtabit

hbj warehouse frontf700

EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS – Los Angeles, Ca – The World’s First Dedicated Hands-On Body Piercing Course is NOW ENROLLING for for Spring 2015!  Always keeping our loyal readers informed, we have learned that the courses will feature small class sizes, low tuition costs and be compressed so that the students will learn quickly in a hands-on real shop environment that helps accustom new apprentice body piercers to the climate and demands that their new professions require.  The first course ‘Basic Body Piercing’ promises to teach the apprentice piercers the proper techniques to perform basic body piercings as well as permit, legal and supply aspects of the industry so that upon completion of the course students will be ready to begin their careers in body piercing.  Optional services include extended guidance where post class guidance is offered either via online or in person.  For class dates and further information click on body piercing course for more information.  Happy piercing!

The Truth About Tattoo Shop Minimums

01 26th, 2015 Author: justhurtabit

There seems to be hidden fees and taxes on everything these days; late fees, activation fees on phones, termination fees, you name it if there is a way to get you for extra money in the name of doing business, it’s out there.  But what about when you get a body piercing or tattoo?  Since body art services are not taxable in the usual sense, you think you are in the clear and that all you have to do is worry about getting through a little pain or discomfort, right?  Wrong.

Unfortunately, in the vast majority of tattoo shops there is what is called a ‘Shop Minimum’ fee which is the least amount they want to even deal with you – a way of saying if  you don’t spend their designated ‘minimum’ amount of money, they don’t want your business.  Not only is it insulting to customers but suggesting such a thing reeks of being a rip-off!  The good news is as more and more shops open (and as many close) things are going to get to a point where such arrogance will catch up to shops that try to gouge you that way, and it will become less and less common.  Until then, you might want to find a shop that doesn’t charge a shop minimum or do that ear or body piercing at home with a body piercing kit from a reputable company (see link).  Good luck and remember, SAY NO TO SHOP MINIMUMS!

Is That A Dick On Your Back?

Is That A Dick On Your Back?


Hey, long time no post, huh?  This is your good friend Pokee here again.  I know it’s been a while since I chirped in and gave my ‘two cents’ worth, but I’ve been pretty busy lately trying to make the money to support my facial hair-style. Let’s skip forward now and get past all the niceties you are probably thinking with these brief answers; I’m fine, yes I’m still single, no I wasn’t fired from the, and the big one, again – I’ve been BUSY – ok?

I might have stayed busy and off the radar detector completely but lately I’ve had a little time to surf the web and what I’ve seen is a bit upsetting.  For instance, this guy in Australia (of course it’s always Australia, right?) talked a tattoo artist into inking a giant penis on his buddy’s back (see link and pic above) as a joke or something.  Well, I bet he stopped laughing real quick when the cops arrested him and put his wise-cracking ass in jail for a year.  That’s right, you heard me right: A YEAR!  Now, while I think it was very marjorly fu*ked up to do this to a buddy, but I think a year is a little harsh.  I personally know someone who ended up with a penis (shaded and everything, much more complex than the outline here) from a SHOP artist who charged him over $300 for it to boot – and there was no one bribing him or anything – the artist did it because he could.  And know what happened to him?  NOTHING!  Not only that, but the customer I know never even got his money back.  Now THAT is not right and if I owned a shop and one of my artists did something like that I would have to take appropriate measures.  Without giving up game here let’s just say that it wouldn’t surprise me if the next day such an ‘artist’ was found kneeling on the floor, naked and drowned with his head in a toilet bowl full of ink.  (Not sure where that image came from but it just seemed appropriate in an Italian type of way!)

So what do you do to prevent yourself from getting ‘dicked’ over like this?  Well, I have a couple suggestions for you on this.  First, DON’T BRING A FRIEND with you – period.  There’s no reason to make getting your tattoo a spectator sport, and more bodies actually get in the way besides contaminating the sterile field your tat guy or gal is supposed to be trying to create.  Secondly, USE A MIRROR to check your work as it’s being done and after to make sure it’s right.  If you ordered a cobra tattooed on your back and it ends up with a big bulbous head (with a ridge around it), has only one eye, and you see two large round things at the base of it – don’t pay for it and GET THE HELL OUT OF THAT SHOP!  The truth is that such a place that is even capable of producing something like that is somewhere you and your money should not be at.  Remember, bad artists are found in bad shops and they are probably cutting corners in other ways as well and probably not using sterile body piercing supplies or tattoo equipment either.  My advice to you is to only go to a shop or artist that has good word of mouth (around it) and never ever take your eyes off what someone is doing with, to or on your body.

Now that I’ve knocked the dust off my keyboard I feel better.  And I’ll try to contribute more often if my customers will leave me alone for a bit to do it.


That’s all I got for now,



Is This Pokee?

Is This Pokee?


For man people getting a tattoo or body piercing used to involve going into a bad part of town, getting drunk and getting through a painful process and hoping for the best.  But there is a new breed of tattooists and body piercers, know as ‘body art technicians’ who are professionally trained and registered with their local health departments, thanks to movements in many states to regulate what had been before the unregulated free-for-all known as body art.

In California, for example, since the passage of AB 300, many new regulations have been enacted regarding safety provisions that had been mostly neglected by the average tattoo shop.  Before AB 300, artists were not required to provide any kind of personal information to a governing authority and shop owners were not accountable to safety standards of sterility and shop hygiene.  Now, uniform standards are in place for all shops in states that have adopted such measures, and not being in compliance can cost a shop it’s business license.  If you own a shop or are a body art technician and looking for professional grade sterile body jewelry and other body piercing supplies click on the link provided.

How To Choose a Body Art Supplier

01 22nd, 2014 Author: justhurtabit

Choosing the right supplier for body piercing kits and supplies can make the difference between a happy and successful piercing and a disaster, ending in infection.  Many novices new to body piercing are confused by the deceptive advertising done by auction sites like Ebay and who actually pay to push their wares onto unsuspecting consumers through search engines like Google and Bing.

The Body Piercing News has been scouring the world for reliable sources of professional grade and sterile (safe) body piercing kits and supplies and have never seen a respected and legit body piercing kit offered on ebay or that we would recommend using.  Remember, the vast majority of sellers on ebay are amateur people selling stuff from their garages and kitchens and who know nothing about body art or the standards that must be in place to guarantee the safety of you and your loved ones.  We have found the most reliable supplier of body piercing kits and supplies (click link) who is a leading company in the field and is the only company that actually guarantees sterility and posts their spore test results publicly.  For more information regarding body piercing techniques, supplies and trends check out the rest of the articles we post here and stay tuned 🙂

Chinese Ear Piercing Kit

In an effort to inform our readers of the inherent dangers and huge differences in body art supplies and body piercing kits available today, we strive to keep up to date on the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to body art suppliers.

The above photo is for a kit that is currently being hocked on ebay for $60 plus shipping, and without really looking at what is included it might seem appealing.  Upon further inspection it is obvious that this is nothing more than a cheap Chinese ear piercing kit with a couple forceps and a dozen or so needles thrown into it!  We ask you to compare this kit (that includes needles and jewelry for only 10 body piercings) with a comparably priced actual body piercing kit assembled and produced in the USA by clicking here on this link for starter body piercing kits.  If you take the time to read the actual contents of what is offered you will find they are vastly different.  Make sure you ALWAYS look at the details of what, who and where your supplies are coming from and make sure you are making a choice you and your customers can live with!

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Body Piercer?

12 4th, 2013 Author: justhurtabit


If you are thinking about a career change or are tired of the hassle of working for others, maybe you should look into becoming a professional body piercer.  Trained body art technicians (piercers) are in high demand as the growing popularity of body piercing has caught on and become a standard fashion statement.  Since many tattoo artists do not pierce, it’s a better time than ever to enter the industry and be your own boss.

Unlike tattooing (which demands artistic skills), body piercing is a process that can be perfected through practice.  Just about anyone with steady hands and determination can learn to body pierce in a short time.  There are career starter kits available that include everything you will need to get started in your new business.  We here at the Body Piercing News recommend a starter body piercing kit offered by the most trusted body art supplier in the world (click link provided for more information).

How Much Do Body Piercers Make?

12 2nd, 2013 Author: justhurtabit

getting_pierced In this age of tough economic times and jobs that may require college degrees to make a decent wage, there is one that stands out and can be learned without paying thousands to a college that can make you in excess of $100 an hour; body piercing.  Many body piercers are finding increasing demand for their services, many times able to work part-time while enjoying full-time incomes.

You will need to learn the basics of body piercing first, either by apprenticing yourself to a piercer or through repetitious practice until you are competent.  Then you will need a starter body piercing kit with the proper tools and supplies to pierce with.  We found only one company that offers professional quality starter body piercing kits along with free shipping anywhere in the USA.  For more information and pricing, click on this link for starter body piercing kits.  Happy piercing!